Guided Access gym membership

a private, functional fitness facility in downtown Findlay, Ohio. We provide 24/7/365 access to the equipment necessary for achieving wellness goals.


Our facility caters to a finite number of members and approved affiliates (trainers). We strive to provide the utmost convenience and accessibility for our members.


It is our expectation that the members abide by all rules of the gym (including all posted signage in the facility). Individuals are expected to respect others and share the facility, and equipment, in a fair and generous spirit.

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We do our best to ensure our members feel some sense of ownership in the gym. All members are encouraged to submit requests, suggestions, and/or concerns when they arise. Without regular attendants, this feedback is imperative.


An equal opportunity gym with no discrimination for any personal characteristic. All of us are working on some physical improvement. This facility allows for acceptance of any fitness level and/or the pursuit of any exercise goal, provided that the activity is not disruptive of general membership guidelines and concerns (subject to change as gym evolves).

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Contact Information


121 E Crawford St., Findlay, OH 45840