1-on-1 Personal training

Personal Training is all about you and you alone.  With this option, you will receive undivided attention to maximize every minute of your time in the gym.  Programming is personalized to your specific goals, abilities, and level of fitness.  No other option can provide the level of detail and personalization as 1-on-1 Personal Training.
Personal Training Options: Available in 60 minute training sessions 1-5x weekly

semi-Private Training

If you like the energy and friendly competitiveness of a small group, this option is for you.  With a maximum limit of 4 participants, this allows us to customize elements of the exercises based on individual needs while still keeping the goals of the program at the core of each training session.
Semi-Private Training Options: Available in 60 minute training sessions 1-5x weekly

Jungle Gym SMall Group Classes

Welcome to the Jungle. Introducing our first instructor led small group based on suspension style workouts! In this class of up to 8 people, you will experience: 

✅6 Week Program*
✅12 Unique Training Sessions
✅2x Weekly Training Sessions*
✅6 Phase PPSC Warm-Up
✅Foundational Movement Patterns
✅Total Body Training Sessions
✅Scalable exercises for any level - Beginner to Advanced
✅60 Minutes Total Time each session


nutrition coaching

In order to maximize the results of your hard work in the gym and optimize your health and fitness to be at your best, a quality nutrition program is absolutely essential.  Our Nutrition Coaching will cover all of the essentials needed to ensure you are creating a healthy, sustainable approach to eating that will help you to live long and live strong.
Nutrition Coaching Options: Monthly 60 Minute Zoom Meeting + Weekly Check-Ins.  Additional Coaching Calls Available On Request

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