alicia's STORY

"Corey is amazing at listening to what you want!"

“I have been working with Corey for 2 years now. My goal is to strengthen my core and reduce my fat levels around my midsection. When we started out, my core strength and upper body strength were next to none. Now 2 years later my core strength is more than I could hope for! Corey is amazing at listening to what you want in your training and is always flexible and willing to work with you! He works with my crazy schedule and understands when life happens. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer! Thank you so much Corey! I really appreciate all your time and effort (even if I still can’t get rid of this sweet tooth)!”

danielle's STORY

"I highly recommend working with Corey!"


I began personal training sessions with Corey in October 2021 to improve my strength and conditioning, tone up for my upcoming wedding, and mend a broken relationship with the idea of health and wellness. One of the greatest benefits I received though, was a growth in my confidence, both in the gym and in my personal life. I've also lost about 15 pounds since starting at Crawford Street Gym and P3 Training!  I am looking forward to continuing to improve my relationship with my health and fitness and highly recommend working with Corey and Crawford Street Gym!

bennett's STORY

"I have gained a sustainable relationship with fitness!"

I started working with Corey in February of 2021. My goal was to improve my holistic health while becoming more efficient with my time spent in the gym. Corey has significantly amplified my comfort level and confidence with working out. He is incredibly insightful and is constantly striving to grow his professional knowledge. Through answering my many questions and assisting me in developing a strong workout routine, I have gained a sustainable relationship with fitness that I am looking forward to continuing at the Crawford Street Gym.

henry's STORY

"Without a doubt, this wouldn't have been possible without Corey!!"

"After making the leap of faith to join the gym and regularly work out with Corey, I, right away, experienced the results of our hard work. I found myself having more energy throughout the day (something I never expected), feeling happier about myself and life in general, and losing weight! Over the course of a year, I dropped 70 pounds, and I'm still counting! Without a doubt, this wouldn’t have been possible without Corey’s help. I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life to join P3’s personal training program. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. A year from now, you’ll be glad you invested in your personal health and well-being"

jessica's STORY

"Corey made me feel welcome immediately!"

A few years ago, I decided to prioritize my fitness for the first time since college. I started training to climb a 14er in Colorado and signed up for my first 5k. I did what I could on my own, mainly focusing on cardio. I quickly realized I needed help to bring my fitness to the next level. Gyms have always intimidated me, so it was a big step to walk through the door at Crawford Street. Corey made me feel welcome immediately. We started with one strength training session per week and worked up from there (both in-person and remote sessions). Corey helps me focus on functional fitness that allows me to do the outdoor activities that I love, while continuously hitting those confidence-boosting PRs. At my first meeting with Corey, I told him my goal was to be able to do a single pull-up. I honestly didn’t think this was an achievable goal. But now, after a lot of hard work and encouragement from Corey, I can proudly say I not only met this goal but surpassed it! I highly recommend P3 Training!

renee's STORY

"Turns out he was the perfect fit for me also!"

"always wondered what it would be like to try a personal trainer.  I’m very active, played sports, and have worked out since I was young. I taught a few different types of fitness classes in my adult life too; however, you can always improve. And as you age, things change, and staying in shape gets harder. Almost 2 years ago, I pulled the trigger to work with someone & push myself more.

Friends had told me about how well they worked with Corey. Turns out he was the perfect fit for me also. He is first & foremost such a wonderful person! You get to know him, Corey learns about you and a friendship develops. It’s not just a business. He genuinely cares about clients and is so positive, really keeps you motivated. With that said, he pushes you to the max too. It’s been challenging but GREAT!

Deadlifting was something I started as part of my weekly fitness routine 3 years ago and loved, then took a break from it. I soon realized with Corey how much I missed it. It started being a big part of our sessions.  Then I got hurt.

A fall left me with a few broken fingers, a broken wrist and the other wrist sprained, however, we barely had to skip a beat. Corey changed up my plan while I was healing and we kept pushing through. He got creative with safe ways for continuing to work on arm muscles during the long recovery. And there was nothing wrong with my legs, so we continued to work lower body. We always do lots of squats, Whoo!"

brandon's STORY

"I was blown away by their passion and dedication!"

Like everyone, I have a busy schedule and over the years have found it hard to stay consistent in the gym. It was just so easy to skip a workout, then another and before I knew it I had gone weeks without a single gym session. As a last-ditch effort I decided to invest in myself and hire a trainer, I mean I’m not getting any younger, and year after year I have seen little progress. This is where Crawford Street Gym, Jake, and Corey came into the picture. On the recommendation of a friend I called and set up a few workouts to just see how it went. I was blown away by their compassion and dedication to helping me reach my goals. Having someone to keep me accountable and cheer me on in the gym has been a game changer. Jake also takes all the work out of having to plan a workout and know which weights to use. I can just show up, put in the work, and then go about my day, I don’t need to worry about sets, reps, volume, etc. Hands down the best investment I have made this year!

craig's STORY

"Corey goes the extra mile!"

"I began personal training sessions with Corey in November 2020 to improve my overall health and wellness.  I have tried different workout plans in the past and nothing seemed to work until I found Corey and the Crawford Street Gym!  Corey goes the extra mile to make sure that your workout is best for you and where you are on your personal fitness journey.   I am looking forward to continuing my health and wellness journey with Corey!"

beth's STORY

"I went from never having lifted a weight to enjoying it!"

In December 2021 I began riding horses again after being out of the sport for over a decade, and I was frustrated because, after a few months, my progress had plateaued. I knew it was because I lacked strength and endurance. I started training with Jake because I had no gym experience and didn't know where to start-he met me exactly where I was at and gave me the confidence to do something way outside my comfort zone. 

Since I started training my riding has improved tremendously because of the strength and stamina I've built. I never thought I would be the kind of person who would actually want to go to the gym, but I went from never having lifted a weight to actually enjoying it! Jake's own journey has been a big inspiration for me and I always feel confident and comfortable in our workouts.

I'd recommend working with Jake or one of the other trainers at P3 to anyone!

anne's STORY

"After each of my workouts, I feel re-set and accomplished!"

"The biggest thing I love about Jake is that he is consistently encouraging me whether it is a comment about my form or the amount of weight that I am lifting – his reassurance is continuous and appreciated. I have thought about my weight my whole dang life! I don’t know about you but for me, it’s been a constant worry, focus, disappointment, exhausting cause of stress, and sadness literally my whole life. Now I look at it completely differently. 

Once I completed my first workout with Jake I was renewed. I immediately felt like I was on the road to a healthier lifestyle. After each of my workouts, I feel re-set and accomplished.

If you want to change, just do it. If you want to feel and look better, just schedule the appointments and go. If you do I know you will feel better but you have to make the commitment, you have to do the work to see the progress, it may not be the easiest but it’s definitely worth it!"

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